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In commencing the reading of any book, it is good to remind ourselves that each book has some dominant theme, around which everything is centered. The center and focal point of the Bible is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the Savior of the world. Joe Philip, in this collection of 20 doctrinal essays, draws our attention to various significant themes that tie the message of the Bible into a unified whole through the person and work of Christ. In each and every essay, we can see Jesus Christ presented as the “key” to opening up the tremendous resources of truth contained in the Word of God. Through the exposition of various chapters and passages of both the Old and New Testament, Jesus Christ is gloriously portrayed as the perfect God-Man to atone for the sin of mankind. 

The doctrinal and theological themes discussed in this work are made practical by way of applicational questions at the end of each chapter. The author’s splendid powers of biblical analysis, synthesis and his deep insight into the doctrinal themes of the Bible (especially of the often neglected themes of the Old Testament) deserve special commendation. 

No doubt, this is a book worthy of a place on your bookshelf, which is to be often used in study. It is bound to do you good. I warmly recommend this book. 

Dr. Alexander Kurian 
Author and Conference Speaker


Joe Philip has performed an important work for the believer by sharing, in direct and clear language, his personal studies of major Biblical truths. The reader, in his or her devotional studies, is then able to follow Joe's leading as he takes a subject and quietly and carefully develops the underlying importance of various passages of Scripture which help clarify that truth. The reader is brought closer to the Lord Jesus Christ as a result. 

Dr. Arthur Parry 
Author of "Finding God in the Psalms"; Master Faculty, LeTourneau University 


I found the book to be a well written interpretation of topics seldom discussed and even less understood by the masses. The questions in this book are well thought-out and well placed for the reader to ponder in his/her own life. 

Ezequiel Gonzalez, Fort Worth, TX 


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