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1 The Sovereignty of God 

2 The Righteousness of God 

3 The Love of God 

4 Is There a Proof for Godís Love? 

5 Who is Your God? 

6 Who is Your Sin-bearer? 

7 The Most Humiliated Man 

8 Christ: Our Passover 

9 A Hebrew Servant 

10 The Smitten Rock 

11 Noahís Ark: What it Signifies? 

12 The Hand of God 

13 Lost and Found 

14 Criminals: Can They be Freed? 

15 The Threefold Ministry of Christ 

16 The Appointed Time 

17 Justification by Faith 

18 God Works for You 

19 The Assembly of God 

20 The Lordís Supper: For this Present Age? 


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